Morning Glow – Floating

morning glow bnw

Estuarine Crocodile – Singapore Zoological Garden

Canon 5D Mark III with 24mm f/1.4 L II


Lonely Afternoon

148B9183 high contrast

When travelling by bus, remember to sit beside the window and not fall asleep 😀 lots of beautiful things to see.
I don’t quite remember where was this taken, all iIremember is that I took it from behind the bus’ window during my 2013 Europe trip.

iPhone 6 Plus – aluminium and glass perfected

148B1035 v wordpress

if this ain’t beautiful, nothing is

If you don’t count the back, it is the most beautiful iPhone to date 🙂 Loving the snappier processor, gpu, and touch ID. The leather case’s bottom is now dock-friendly albeit more vulnerable to scratches unlike the one for 5S.

One surprising point that most reviewers didn’t point out is that the 6 Plus is actually easier to hold for landscape-oriented selfies compared to the 6. It fits snugly between your index finger and pinky while the bottom is nested on the mid of your palm.

Hope that more app developers will update their apps to utilise the 6 Plus’ full HD resolution, really hate the way current apps are scaled up to fit the screen.