The Bund – Shanghai

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Sorry for the absence, been busy with school camp and travelling right after my exam ends :3

iPhone 6 Plus – Panorama mode – VSCOcam – Over




[Update] As of 26th April this picture made it to the list of Flickr Explored. Thank you very much for your support! This is my first ever explored picture since joining Flickr in 2007. It means so much to me! :’)

Brought my M9 to Singapore River Safari for the first time, in addition to 5D Mark III. Though it didn’t have much use for most of the trip I’m glad that it captured my favourite picture for this trip.

The squirrel monkeys within the enclosure are getting more comfortable with human, one jumped onto my back and another one tried pulling a water bottle from a visitor’s plastic bag. However, given their small size I doubt that they’ll ever turn rogue like those in Uluwatu, Bali.