Jawbone UP24 – Enter the age of wearables

Jawbone UP24


Those who wants a fitness tracker that doesn’t look like one.


Whats New?

The most (if not only) notable difference between the UP24 is the addition of Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, which allows for periodic synchronisation with the smartphone app.

Other than that it’s still pretty much the same as the original UP (Activity tracker + Sleep Tracker + Silent Alarm)

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Protein Shake for Breakfast – feat. ON Natural Oats and Whey

[Note: I do not have sponsors for my supplement so whatever I write here is likely to be void of any bias. I just use Optimum Nutrition a lot as unlike most supplement companies, they do not really advertise too much of their products using larger-than-life athletes/bodybuilders, which to me is like selling false hope to fitness enthusiasts. I would definitely post reviews about other brands in the future though, such as Gaspari’s IsoFusion and Dymatize’s ISO-100]

Like many fitness enthusiasts/gym goers, I drink my protein shake in the morning. It’s a great addition to your breakfast especially if you have a busy lifestyle and don’t have much time to prepare in the morning. Continue reading

Making Gains 101 – Supplements

[This post is for those who have little to no experience in muscle-building, which is complex once you go into the details, but i’ll just keep it basic. I am just a fitness enthusiast, not a certified fitness instructor. What works for me may not work for others. My apology if there is some bro-science, but rest assured common sense and well-researched facts are also included.]

william's stack

Do you really need protein supplements to gain muscle?

Not really, you should be able to see gains from the healthy food that you are supposed to be eating on daily basis. However, it’s also impractical for an average person to prepare and eat their meals a few times a day, and that’s where these supplements come to play. I’m gonna introduce some basic supplements that are usually recommended for starters and novice. Continue reading