William Ong

Bio: Born in Indonesia, currently studying in Singapore. Business Management Undergraduate, Photography Enthusiast, RnB Addict. With no flair for writing (yes, it took me almost 2 hours just to come up this), photography is one of the very few ways through which I can articulate my thoughts. I started shooting with my very own DSLR in late 2007. Being shy, I prefer shooting still life, landscape and animals. I'm also currently learning to use a digital rangefinder. Being a sucker for blurry backgrounds and bokeh, I shoot exclusively with prime lens (except for my zoo trip, where 70-200 is a staple) I love to go to the gym 🙂 Not bodybuilding or powerlifting, just picking things up and putting things down 😀 Started out as a chore, now almost an addiction. I

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