Langkawi 2014 + Fujifilm X-T1

Photo 3-6-14 5 18 07 pm

This was my first time using a camera I’ve only known for a day for a family trip. And it was AWESOME!

For the past few years I’ve been using a (full-frame) DSLR for family holidays as I want the best possible photos out of the trip, but this time I’ve decided to ‘take the risk’ and use a mirrorless as my main camera. The amount of fanfare produced by the X-T1 really got me intrigued. While not perfect, it seems that it is currently one of the best in its class.


Another concern with bringing a DLSR is the bulk and weight. Even though the 23mm f/1.4 is not a small lens ( it’s larger than Canon’s 50mm f/1.4 ironically), the overall size still allowed me to ditch my dedicated camera bag for a simple drawstring bag – with a camera insert 🙂



What about the pictures?

I have to be honest, I’m a bit of pixel peeper and a major bokeh whore. So the images produced by the 16 megapixel APS-C sensor camera felt quite different from what I’m used to seeing from my full frame Canon bodies.

The pictures produced by the X-T1 aren’t disappointing in any way though. White balance was accurate on most occasion, colour is on point  too, though it makes the skin look reddish in low light. JPEG dynamic range is slightly lower than 5D mark III, but satisfactory for an APS-C sensor. Noise control at high ISO is decent too. Autofocus is a tad-slow compared to Sony a6000 and Olympus EM-1, but it’s a HUGE improvement over Fuji’s own X-Pro 1.

Here’s some of the pics taken with the X-T1


Mangrove tour


Iced Latte


Sunset Cruise Dinner


Sea Urchin




Under the tree




I’m on a boat 😀


droplets on the window


30 seconds


I’ll be gradually adding more pictures on my flickr page, do visit! 🙂

My sister (who happens to be my co-photographer for our family trips) also has a flickr page with pictures taken with  Sony A7r with 55mm f/1.8 (!!!)

Double Trouble

Double Trouble





Food For Thought :D

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