DODOCase (Custom) for the iPad Air

Custom DODOCase for iPad Air

Preserving the dying craft of bookbindery in the age of Tablets, the handmade cases by DODOCase fuses the beauty and elegance of old -fashioned books with modern technology. 


It is very stylish for a case, featuring a sturdy Moroccan cloth exterior cover and a solid bamboo tray that secures the iPad firmly. The solid bamboo is a huge improvement in terms of durability over the laminated strips of the original 2010 DODOCase, which had a high rate of breakage.

DODOCase - screen off

The cover includes a magnet for sleep/wake function, which works like Apple’s own iPad smart cover. SADLY, mine doesn’t have that feature somehow. Still waiting for DODOCase to reply :3


The “stick-on”tabs in the corners that hold the iPad will wear out over repeated attachment and removal of the iPad, be careful not to remove your iPad from the case too often.

Value for Money

DODOcases don’t come cheap, but they’re definitely some of the best handmade cases that you can protect your iPad with.

Function over Style? 

DODOCase and iPad Smart Cover

Frankly speaking, I would still choose the Smart Cover by Apple as my daily iPad case, simply because it is thinner, lighter and cheaper. By cheaper, it means that my heart won’t bleed as much if anything bad happens to the case (eg. if i accidentally drop it, spill some water onto it, if it gets stained after long period of use).

That being said, it is one of the best iPad cases available that provides all round style and protection. But if you are a power user, you may want to consider darker colours as it is less prone to staining. Leather covering will age better than cloth too (more costly, but worth it)

[pictures taken with iPhone 5S, processed with VSCOcam] – more pictures available here







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