Jawbone UP24 – Enter the age of wearables

Jawbone UP24


Those who wants a fitness tracker that doesn’t look like one.


Whats New?

The most (if not only) notable difference between the UP24 is the addition of Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy, which allows for periodic synchronisation with the smartphone app.

Other than that it’s still pretty much the same as the original UP (Activity tracker + Sleep Tracker + Silent Alarm)



Jawbone UP24

Just like the original UP, the UP24 is coated with hypoallergenic TPU rubber.

The absence of screen might be a dealbreaker for some, but it allows for a very slim and light design. It is more of a ‘bracelet’ rather than a ’wristwatch’.

It’s very similar to the original UP, but you can identify the UP24 from it’s wavy ridges (the UP has a zigzag pattern). Just like its predecessor, it is available in 3 sizes (small, medium, large).

In terms of colour however, the UP24 is still limited to 2 colours (Onyx and Persimmon).

If you pop up the cap, you’ll find a 2.5mm stereo jack (instead of the 3.5mm). So while adding the wireless sync capability to the new UP24, Jawbone has removed the wired sync feature of its predecessor.



For first time users, you may find your UP24 unable to pair with your phone on your first try. This is kinda normal I guess, just retry once or twice and they’ll pair up nicely. I had to redo the pairing once.



Jawbone UP24

The UP24 is highly dependent on the UP software ver 3.0 (free for download in iOS AppStore and Google Play Store). There has yet to be a web-app, so you really need your phone to access all the features and monitor your progress. Do note that the UP24 is only compatible with select Android devices only. check https://jawbone.com/up/devices

Jawbone UP24

Just like previous version of UP, it can be used in tandem with other fitness applications (IFTTT, RunKeeper, MyFitnessPal, etc)

The app itself is loaded with so many features that you’ll probably not use in the long run (unless you’re really a fitness junkie).

Food tracking is good but not great as the database is still lacking. No worries though, you can use MyFitnessPal and integrate the log to the UP.



Jawbone UP24

Idle alert reminder can be set to nudge you to move if the band detects that you’ve not been moving for a period of time. You can set the start and end time so that it only vibrates during the day, and not when you’re supposed to be resting.

Custom reminders can also be programmed through the app, which will send a notification to the phone and UP24 .


Sleep-Tracking + Smart Alarm

To activate this feature, you first need to enter the sleep mode manually. Press and hold the button until it vibrates and the green moon icon lights up. To exit sleep mode, repeat the same step but now you’ll see the sun icon instead.

Jawbone UP24

Just like its predecessor, the UP24 can log your sleep length and quality, You can see how much light or deep sleep you had, how many times you woke during the night and how long did it take you to fall asleep.

Jawbone UP 24

There’s a smart sleep alarm feature which will wake you up with a light vibration. You’ll first need to set up an alarm time and smart sleep window (configurable to 10, 20 and 30 minutes). The smart sleep alarm will wake you up earlier than the actual alarm if the UP24 detects that you’re in a light sleep state.



Bluetooth sync with the UP24 is very convenient, but it also comes with a price – battery life. Instead of 10 days, the battery now last about 7 days per charge.

Depending on which you value more, this may or may not be a poor trade-off. I personally don’t mind charging it every weekend considering that’s the only time when I need to take off the bracelet cap.

The UP24’s charging adapter however, is a different story. After removing the cap, you need to use the proprietary adapter and plug it into a USB port. I’m pretty sure many would be happy to see a micro-usb charging port instead of the 2.5mm stereo jack that is pretty much useless on the UP24 (next generation maybe?)

Jawbone UP24

Now you have 2 things to take care of, the metal cap and the adapter. Be sure not to lose either, especially the adapter.



Jawbone UP24

The UP24 stands out from the other fitness bands with it’s textured and slim bracelet design.

For those who wants a fashionable wearable that can keep tab of their daily activity and sleep-pattern, this is still the only one in the market 🙂

Battery Saving Tips

Even though the UP24 has great battery life, the same can’t be said for smartphones. Continuous sync drains my iPhone battery really, really fast. Make sure to quit the app (don’t let it run in the background) when you’re done checking your stats 🙂 This slightly prolongs the UP24’s battery life too.





Food For Thought :D

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