iPhone 5S (PRODUCT) RED Case

Apple (Product) RED Leather Case

Unlike most cases, the iPhone 5S case by Apple leaves a bit of the phone’s metal edge visible from the front. It also protects the chamfered edges of the phone without covering it (so you need not worry about scratching the side whenever you try to remove the case, unlike most plastic snap-cases)

Apple (Product) RED Leather Case

This is one of the few cases in the market that protects the bottom edge of the iPhone – which is great, but it comes with one major flaw. DOCKING. You can probably count the number of docks that are compatible with this case with one hand (So far I’m only aware of the HiRise Stand by Twelve South, please leave a comment below if you know other compatible docks).

I’ve been using the black iPhone 5S case for a few months. It’s pretty good-looking and provides good protection. I’ve dropped my iPhone 4-5 times on concrete. The phone still look as-good-as-new and the case itself doesn’t really look like it’s taken much beating.

Most people recommend the black case as it will show less wear and discolouration over time. From numerous online reviews, I can pretty much expect the red case to look fugly aged after 1-2 weeks of moderate use.

Apple (Black) Leather Cases - 6 Months On

However, I just felt like trying a new colour for my iPhone. I was thinking of getting a beige or red case (both are super dirt magnet :D), but with Apple’s recent milestone in it’s fight against AIDS through (PRODUCT) RED, I was inspired to get the red one 🙂

Apple iPhone 5/5S Leather Cases - Black and Red

At the time of writing, the red case has only been on my iPhone for 2 hours.  I’ll post an update with pictures in a few weeks!




Food For Thought :D

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