A Hidden Gem Within the Concrete Jungle – Singapore

 Took me 8 years to finally be curious enough to visit this park, even though it’s only 5 minutes away from home. Oh well, better late than never :3

TPY Town Park

It was originally called Toa Payoh Garden  in the 1970’s. Later in 1999 it became a makeshift bus interchange and reopened in 2002 as the Toa Payoh Town Park.


While the park is relatively small at 4.8ha , it has sufficient pathways for an enjoyable stroll or jog around the park.


The bridge , with its repeated hexagon motif, is a unique feature of this town park.


The park has no gates and is open to the public at all times. If you feel like taking a walk at odd-hours, this is a good place :3


Inside the park, there is a traditional Chinese restaurant called the Oasis, which specialises in Taiwan porridge (congee).


Food For Thought :D

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